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Tallahassee Regional Campus |02/19/2020 | 06:00am
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Do No Harm Video
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1. The film explores difficult and emotional subject matters. What scenes and topics resonate most with you? 2. The film focuses on the many challenges during residency training – particularly sleep deprivation, spending more time doing scut work and at the computer than with patients. What do you feel are the biggest contributors to depression and suicide during residency training? 3. Older physicians frequently say, “suck it up, we’ve all been through it.” But medicine has changed a lot over the years. Discuss the challenges of practicing in today’s medical culture. 4. In the film, sleep experts from the Harvard Medical School says that sleep deprivation causes health problems, car accidents and sets up physicians to make mistakes by working marathon shifts. How do the long work hours impact your own well-being and confidence to deliver quality care? Do you feel that you’re being set up to fail? 5. In 2018, the ACGME increased work hours for interns to 28-hour shifts. How does that decision impact your program? Is there a conflict of interest in the ACGME setting work hour guidelines, or should another entity or government oversee? 6. What resiliency and wellness programs have been implemented at your hospital and are they helping? 7. What are three things you’d like to see done at your facility that would help you feel like you are part of a supportive community? 8. What is the biggest barrier to seeking counseling? What can be done to make you feel safer to seek help? 9. What are the risks associated with reaching out to your fellow colleagues to offer emotional support? 10. How does the hospital respond when a suicide occurs? What more can be done to help colleagues heal and honor the life of the fallen colleague?

* AMA PRA Category 1™ Credit(s)