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FSU-Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Regional Campus |01/29/2019 | 06:00am
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Informatics: Introduction to the Maguire Library
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Joanne Saxour, MD 1. Explain the advantages of having an e-library as compared to a traditional library comprised of numerous hard copy materials. 2. Record their username and password and save it in a location where it can be found when needed. 3. Access the e-library from their home or office via EZProxy using their username and password to access EZProxy. 4. Navigate the Maguire Medical Library website and identify the three major sections of the webpage: a. Announcements and handouts b. Licensed core e-resources c. University library links and medical informatics curriculum materials 5. Describe how accessing the e-library can be useful as a clinical resource and a teaching resource. 6. Systematically navigate the e-library in order to locate and browse resources of choice. Examples of resources participants need to be able to access include: a. Patient education handouts and materials b. PDA resources and instructions for installing them c. e-journals d. e-books e. The “Beginners Guide.” f. The “Find it Quickly Guide.” g. New Users Guide 7. Name the FSUCOM librarians and access that area of the library web page where a request can be made to those individuals for help when needed. 8. Name those individuals who can helpful relative to PDA resources. 9. Create a user name and password for MD Consult and conduct a basic search. 10. Locate patient information from at least two library e-resources. 11. Explain in very broad terms what is covered in the FSUCOM student curriculum.

* AMA PRA Category 1™ Credit(s)